Toni H Carné Painter

Since he was a child Antonio Hortelano Carné born in Terrassa (Barcelona) has an artistic inclination. Year after year he would spend his days drawing and would reflect everything he could see in his drawings.
In those years, when he was back from school, completely absorbed by comics and illustration, he would spend time giving shape in his drawings to all he could swallow as possessed Milo Manara artwork, the realism of Luis Royo and many other comics geniuses that appeared in Zona 84 or Tótem comics references and sources of inspiration that would deeply mark him.
When studied fine arts Edra y Bau discovered the art of H.R. Giger and later he became obsessed with the surrealism of Dalí and its pictorical perfection. Absolutely amazed by the power of the great painters, he stopped copying the reality in his trial drawings with pencil or oil and immersed himself in giving shape to the subconscious and copying it, nourishing therefore his own style, leaving space for improvisation and pure automatism.

Until today, his paintings can represent oniric landscapes, bodys as well as portraits and realistic figures, bucolic dusks or earthly paradises. Giving shape to the most inaccessible imagination, we could almost say, “psyche” studies.
Always trying to keep the freshness and fascination of the first years. With time, light and colors dominate part of his work and his themes are becoming more intense, with works that move thanks to their sensibility, intense and uncontrolled emotions. Art has no limit.
Passion for details, colors and the well-thought distribution of the surroundings, emotions and their memory and sensations turn each work into an odyssey, a trip into the being, to come out and fascinate the world.
Toni H Carné is visceral and this is revealed and transmitted in his work; it possesses you before becoming universal. Because
“The most important is that everything flows without fear and that the light, shape and color reach us from everywhere”.


Año 1993: Plaza Dr. Pearson Rubí (Exposición colectiva)

Año 1998: Antiga Estació Rubí (Exposición individual “Miradas a lo más intimo”)

Año 1998: Plaza Primero de Mayo Terrassa (exposición individual)

Año 2000: Ateneu de Rubí (exposición individual “El arte del sexo“)

Año 2004: Pa Màgic Restaurant Rubí

Año 2005: Galería Per For Art, Barcelona (Exposición colectiva “Neo irracionalismos”)

Año 2007: Local Upr de Rubí

Año 2009: Pub Shakespeare Rubí

Años 2013/2014: Frankfurt els Arcs Rubí («Arte Culinario»)

2015:  Peacock Art FestivalCeller de Rubí (Exposición colectiva)

Mass Media:

2000 – Rubí Tv con motivo de la exposición en el Ateneu Municipal
2013 – Esplugues Tv con Toni Guerrero y Yolanda Felice.
2015 – Radio Rubí – «Del culto a la taberna» Introducing Peacock Art Festival
2016 – Radio Rubí – «Del culto a la taberna» Intro Milana May Meditation Painting
2017 – Radio Rubí – Programa «Del culto a la taberna»


Premio Bmw de Pintura 2013-2014-2016-2017
Concurso de Pintura Daniel Bas 1993-1994


1991-1993. Escuela de Arte y Diseño EDRA, Rubí (Barcelona)

1993-1995. Escuela Superior BAU Diseño Gráfico (Barcelona)