Painting «Milana May in Meditation» 2016

Let me tell you something about Milana May in Meditation:
Once upon a time Toni H Carné he saw one picture of Milana May and begins the odyssey of inspiration, creativity and finally both working together… the project and all the enviroment transforms in something special. This painting is something special!
Well i work in world of arts and design since 17 years and the painting is a therapy for me more than a simple work. Is passion and i wanna share mi work of passion. Is for that i wanna give you this painting. Sometimes i give paintings to my friends/muses. I wanna this painting in your home, in your studio or in your life. I wanna this painting out of my frontiers, all over the world. How Salvador Dalí bring Surrealism to NYC.
Well… mi main idea (what i would like) is when i arrive to new york you see the painting and then all the universe explodes.

Milana May in Meditation - Oil painting on Canvas 130x89 cmMilana May Web in reverbnation

Digital Portraits

Syliane’s «Alien Nymph» portrait (Eva Part LXII) 2018

My preference has always been oil painting (I also use acrylic). Other times I like to immerse myself in the digital world. Although the «easy» things do not catch my attention, if i find it good and productive to use Photoshop as a study and therapeutic design (this program is brutal making our lives more enjoyable). It is a total curiosity to «play» with the Wacom. Efficiency, the speed of execution, without entertaining itself in mixtures. Powerfully. We can not avoid digital technology, it is there around us every day and although I am a classic and I think there is nothing like picking up the pencil and drawing on a paper, smelling of paint, staining your fingers .The digital expression It’s here, I’ve been surrounded by computers all my life and the influence is remarkable. Digital creation can be wonderful, it has its charm; Is the momentary evasion of the brushes and now I share some of my digital artwork .A series of sketches began in 2012, portrait studies of my beloved muses:
The «Evas» are portraits of friends, models, actresses, singers.
The nickname was the idea of a friend: These portraits reflect the beauty of the woman; His charm, character, his mystery … His look .. the essence!

Alba MessaAlba Messa universe 2017

Demon Girl – Sandra’s portrait (Garden Trilogy «Hell» Sketch) 2018

Sandra Romain portrait (Garden Trilogy «Hell» Sketch) 2018

Luv Lips – Lucie portrait 2018

Eva Part LIVI – Isobel’s Portrait – 2017

Eva Part LIVII – Julia’s Portrait – 2017

Eva Part LII – Nelita’s Vision – 2017

Syliane’s portrait – Eva Part L – 2016/2017

Eva Part LIV – Sandra Romain Portrait – 2017

Retrato de Myriam Rodilla – Eva Part XLIX – 2016

Eva 46

Actress Brooke Butler Portrait – Eva Part XLVI – 2015

Eva 47 - Digital Portrait 2015Retrato de la modelo Alexxa Joy – Eva Part XLVII – 2015

Alexxa Joy como Elfa del paríaso – Eva Part XLIV – 2015

Oona Chaplin Portrait – Eva Part XLV – 2015

Asia Argento – Eva Part XL – 2014

Paloma López – Eva Part XLI – 2014

Nika Mills – Eva Part XXXVI – 2012

Retrato basado en una foto de Kat Von D – Eva Part XXVIII – 2012

Milana May – Eva Part XXV – 2012

Marie – Eva Part XIX- 2012

  Jenny & Toni – Eva Part XX – 2012

Noelia – Eva Part XXXVII – 2013