Painting «Jorney»

When the muses appear all is amazing. The inspiration embraces you and you are a pure possession and take the brushes and let it out. The flow under control, the expressionism with logic. Guided by the muses influence the painting comes out and the shapes become a reality. This color here and this color there… Fantastic. The abstraction is awesome. «Jorney» is a day by day trip. One of this days was used glue, other gouache, other metallic pigment. The compositon must be homogeneous, the balance of colors, the movement of bodys, the meaning of the moment. apparently the final ressult becomes a pure chaos of emotions but the reality is very different. This viscerality apparence becomes in the most deepest in a meditated history of soul and mind expression.

Toni H Carné – October – 2017

Milana May about «Milana May in Meditation» Painting

Milana May surprised seeing for the first time Toni H Carné ‘s Painting
«Milana May in Meditation»
Was a special night/moment – This means a lot to me – THKS
12 May 2016 – New York City

Painting «Milana May in Meditation» 2016

Let me tell you something about Milana May in Meditation:
Once upon a time Toni H Carné he saw one picture of Milana May and begins the odyssey of inspiration, creativity and finally both working together… the project and all the enviroment transforms in something special. This painting is something special!
Well i work in world of arts and design since 17 years and the painting is a therapy for me more than a simple work. Is passion and i wanna share mi work of passion. Is for that i wanna give you this painting. Sometimes i give paintings to my friends/muses. I wanna this painting in your home, in your studio or in your life. I wanna this painting out of my frontiers, all over the world. How Salvador Dalí bring Surrealism to NYC.
Well… mi main idea (what i would like) is when i arrive to new york you see the painting and then all the universe explodes.

Milana May in Meditation - Oil painting on Canvas 130x89 cmMilana May Web in reverbnation