Norway Vibes

We make too much things in our lives. One of this are the travels around the world. Our brain is a record machine. Your soul keeps all of that and then this needs to be expressed. My last trip was another unique experience. Me, a car and my Canon Reflex… nothing else. My head was on holidays… my body&soul only was a bowl who received the external things because then in my deepest self this needs to be process slowly to becomes finally to be converted in good vibes. Oxygen, mountains, clear water like a mirror, blue sky, warm day, cabin in the woods, cool people.
My eyes open wide and I’m totally possessed by the environment. I walk, no hurry. The car travels 3500 miles. My cam takes the exact moment, the special light, a movement… Norway is amazing! I come back renewed from my holidays.

Toni H Carné – May 2018